The Hidabroot House

Workshops at the House of Hidabroot

The House of Hidabroot is a busy center with workshops, courses, seminars, evenings of chizuk, and special days for women. These classes are small and personal, on topics including relationships, parenting, personal empowerment and more.

This center was established about one year ago in Hidabroot’s building in Petach Tikvah, with the goal of allowing Hidabroot viewers to experience in real life what they experience in the lectures they view on the regular Hidabroot channel.

There’s a reason this center is called the House of Hidabroot. Right here, workshop and seminar participants have the opportunity to fully live the Hidabroot channel, to go inside – to enter the house in real time, up close and personal, and get to know the dedicated people who work here.

“Many participants who took part in this unique tour of the various departments of Hidabroot thank us profusely and tell us that we’ve changed their lives. It’s incredible to see, again and again, how comfortable people feel with Hidabroot.”

The Headquarters