Our History

The Story of Hidabroot

Hidabroot was founded in 1999 with the goal to engage in Jewish education and outreach. Using a path of pleasantness and openness, it presents the beauty of Judaism. The founder and present director of the organization is Rabbi Zamir Cohen Shlit"a.

We believe that due to lack of awareness, many are not aware of the true beauty of Judaism. That is why Hidabroot is here - to show the true face of Judaism, its beauty, in an open and welcoming atmosphere. The organization produces Jewish content across many different platforms, running many different departments.

In 2008 Hidabroot launched its most important department, the Hidabroot TV channel. Today the channel operates 24h daily besides shabbat & holidays. It broadcasts on cable and satellite (Afik 97).

In 2007 Hidabroot launched its widely popular website Hidabroot.org which currently has of 1.5 million visitors every month.

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Rabbi Zamir Cohen
Rabbi Zamir Cohen